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What is a Ductless Minisplit?

A ductless minisplit, or minisplit for short, works on the same principle as a traditional split central system. They have an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor air handler, the only difference is that they do not have any ductwork. And instead of the air handler or furnace being in an attic or a closet, the air handling unit is mounted somewhere inside your home, high on a wall or as a ceiling cassette. Conditioned air is blown directly from this.

Garages, workshops, bedrooms, sunrooms, home offices etc. are all excellent candidates for a ductless system!


Benefits of Minisplits

High Efficiency

Minisplits can range from 16 SEER up to 38 SEER, making them easy on the electric bill! When compared to traditional systems, even a basic or midgrade minisplit can be as efficient as a top of the line traditional split system.


Both the indoor and outdoor units are very quiet, due to the variable speed technology within them, making them a perfect addition to a master bedroom or a home office.

Allows for Temperature Zoning

Minisplits are great option if you want a part of your house a different temperature than the rest, for example, a master bedroom at night.

High Quality of Comfort

Because the minisplits we offer have variable speed compressors, they can achieve a very high quality of comfort, by removing more humidity in the space its cooling.


Minisplits are affordable and can be easily installed within a day. Call now for a free estimate!

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