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When building a home, especially your forever home, your future comfort is one of the most important aspects of you enjoying your new build. To ensure perfect comfort, it is essential to size your HVAC system(s) correctly. Too large and you will have humidity and short cycling problems, too small and it will never be comfortable. These can be long lasting issues and expensive.


At Hesse Schniederjan, we use the most advanced heat load software available, to size your future system perfectly and even zone it, where you can have multiple thermostats on a single system. Many companies simply size it using square footage, when there are a huge amount of factors that can affect sizing, all of which our software considers. To design a system we look at things such as:


-        Insulation Type and R Values

-        Window Type, Sizes and Orientation

-        Shading

-        Building Materials (metal roof, 2x6 walls, pier and beam foundation, etc.)

-        Home Direction

-        Preferred Temperature and Humidity

-        Etc.


When all factors are considered when sizing you end up with a perfectly sized system that will perform as engineered and provide you with a perfectly comfortable space, every time.

Building a new home? Call us for a free comprehensive estimate!

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